Scrabble: Achieving the BINGO

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The Scrabble Bingo is basically the fifty-point bonus which you can earn through using all the available tiles on your rack, except when you’re at the end of the game and you only have 2 or 3 tiles left. Scrabble masters who managed to pull off a Bingo in their game offer valuable word tips and strategic tricks to help you with your own quest. Is it possible to achieve a Bingo with your beginner status?

Scrabble Bingo is Never Impossible

One of the things you need to remember about the game of Scrabble is that the possibilities of getting a high score are endless simply because you’d never know what tiles you’ll get. That’s why playing Scrabble is so much like eating a box of chocolates. You only need to know how you can get that big 50-point bonus. So, what do you do?

For instance, you can use a Scrabble word finder to help you get familiar with all the possible words and expand your vocabulary. In terms of your attitude towards the game, patience is a luxury that you must afford.

Waiting Has Its Price

The official Scrabble Dictionary tells you that when you only have that one letter that is missing to complete your Bingo word, do not abandon the plan and stick to it. Do your best to use that one letter on the board. Leave the possibility for a Bingo on the rack. Who knows but that one letter just may turn up when you least expect it.


The word RETAINS is the best and most effective combination that could just hit you the jackpot and even trumps many two letter words with c. Moreover, it also tells you to hold on and just brace yourself for that Bingo moment. You can also find Scrabble help to unravel other Bingo words such as QUARTZY, ETAERIO, and MUZJIKS

How to Maintain Score in Scrabble

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To know how to maintain score in Scrabble is easy, but it is not also essential. However, Scrabble word finder assists you with word tips you need to maintain score in scrabble. Every letter in Scrabble has its worth, although some points on scrabble board worth more points than others. Lastly, there is a little exceptional situation where Scrabble scoring varies than other points of the game. Scrabble Tiles – Point Values

Though, some player use scrabble cheat or Scrabble help to form words with this tiles. Here is a table that shows the point values of every tile in scrabble. I will also include a table to illustrate the number of each letter that exists in a normal scrabble game. Once you place any of these letter tiles on the Scrabble board, you obtain the point value on the letter tile. Scrabble Point Distribution

Blank Tiles –results in 0 points A, E, I, O, U, L, N, R, S, T –results in 1 point D, G – results in 2 points B, C, M, P – results in 3 points F, H, W, Y, V –results in 4 points K –results in 5 points J, X –results in 8 points Q, Z – results in 10 points The above table illustrates how many tiles there are in a standard game of Scrabble. There are 100 tiles in scrabble game.

Double and Triple Word Scores

If any of the letters you played on the board covers a double or triple word, add that modifier to your score. If it is a double or triple letter word, just modify the score of the letter on that tile. If you cover a triple letter score and a double word score, just multiply the triple score letter x3 afterward, multiply the entire word score by x2. There is a minimum of scores by these tiles, anyway. The reason is, once it’s used it cannot be reused for the same purpose. Reusing Double and Triple word Scores

When a double or triple word score has been used, space won’t worth a double or triple word anymore. Same goes for double and triple letter scores.

How to get better at Scrabble

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If you are one of those people who understand the basic rules of Scrabble and are willing to enhance their knowledge to learn some advanced strategic tips and tricks of the game, you are already on your way to get better at it. Training your brain to constantly learn new word tips, exploring and finding new words with the help of Scrabble word finder, and reading up on all the new tricks of the trade via Scrabble help websites are a few of the methods which can help you play competitive Scrabble. A casual player might enjoy playing with friends or family but a good Scrabble player is confident of winning in a local tournament or Scrabble clubs in his vicinity.

The most important tip from professional players is that the letters left behind on the rack after each move are just as important as the letters placed on the board. Success in this game depends upon the score and the quality of the rack leave (the tiles on your rack you choose not to play with). The better you get at assessing the “board score vs. rack leave”, the better your chances are at winning the game.

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding Scrabble is that the more tiles you play with, the better your chance are at winning the game. This might be true when you are playing a friendly but professional players know how to manage their rack and score efficiently by focusing on bonuses and hot spots on the board.

Another misconception surrounding the game is that passing your turn is beneficial when you are stuck with nothing. This strategy may lead to you losing the game because your pass will present your opponent with the opportunity to exchange their letters while you are stuck with the same rack as before.

These are just a few tips which will help you get better at Scrabble without being called a Scrabble cheat.